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Controversial Story of John Titor!

John Titor Tells Me Why He Came Here.

I have new material on the controversial story of John Titor.
Updated: Oct. 16th, 2016
There is new info. on the bottom about why it ended so abruptly.

If you don't know who John Titor is, he was a time traveler who posted on the internet saying that he was from the year 2036. A book was written Titled, "A Time Traveler's Tale" and was compiled by John's mother, published by Oliver William's. I have the book and when I bought it it was 12.99 there was only one used book left at any online store I have checked and the price was $112.
New: More books are available. The last time I checked the price ranged from $498.00 and 11 Used and 2 New from $655.95. Do a search if you want it.

I was lucky enough to be online in 1998 when I first saw his post and started corresponding, emailing, and IMing. We became friends, and I started asking him questions about the future?

A few months ago I found an old journal I kept from the years 1992 to 1998. I picked it up and started reading the entries, and to my surprise, there was an entry from "My Future Man." that is what I called him before he was known as John Titor. (pronounced teeter for me anyway.)
It starts like this.

Journal entry from July 1998

I have some para news: My Future Man has told me some mind blowing stuff. I wrote "I luv it" The fun is in the journey."
He told me that in 2038 they are coming out with a Pentium 10 1000 MHz computer. I totally forgot he told me this, and he said that once it is powered up that it will blow a hole in the universe making all 22 dimensions confused.

He told me to find out about the Philadelphia Experiment, The Phoenix Project, and the Montauk Experiments in Time. He said once they make the Windows 25 for the Pentium 10 at 1,000 MHz, (was he talking about CERN?) when they go to test it, it will blow up parts of the Earth from the inside out.
He mentioned the Crystals in the earth will heat up and, blow up as like earthquakes? He said that was the reason his family moved out of there. Not because of Y2K.
He wants us to know so they can stop them from turning CERN on.

We found that there is a giant Crystal in the center of the earth about 3,000 miles down.

He said that is how he got here so to speak. Then he said, remember the Philadelphia experiment was real, just ask Einstien when they clone him ;)And he put that smiley face in my email.

July 31, 1998, Friday

I wrote in my journal: For the record, I was told by my future man that my grandson will live in Huntsville Alabama, and marry a woman named Sara Noblit. I said to myself yeah right, what'd he pick this one out of a hat. He said my grandson will work for Boeing. My daughter will live in Prescott Arkansas and, would be divorced. My grandson will name his son after himself, Frank the III.
My daughter did get divorced but, he did not see or, tell me that he would die at the age 41.
She has since moved to southern Vegas. We never saw that coming. She lived in NYC boroughs all of her life.

So I looked up the name he gave me who would be my grandson's future wife, Sara Noblit. There was no Sara but, there was a Sandra Noblit. I did a little more digging and found out that she had a baby girl named Sara. She was the same age as my grandson was at the time which was three years old. He is now eighteen.

It all started here:

This is my first blog on the entire story.

Years ago someone posted a story which was featured on AOL paranormal message boards. He said that he was here from the year 2036. And that he was here for old computer parts. He went on about his life and told us not to contact him for he would not answer questions, but, I didn't see that part so I emailed him.

He answered me back and we had long talks for weeks. He ended up telling me many things about the future mostly about my future life. He also said medical histories would be as fast as a click of a button on a computer for anyone to see.

He said he was talking to me from his base on the Moon (because he was floating in and out of dimensions) so one day he just so happened to be in the future where he had a better computer than the one his father had here, and could look up my medical history from his future computer.

So I asked him to look up my medical records. He told me I would live to 140 years, no serious illness, and my husband would die a few months after me. I didn't believe him at all on this part. 140! He must be really a fake. Who wants to live to 140, unless they come out with a DNA rejuvenator of some kind.
After our long Instant Message, it felt like I just had a psychic reading.

When he told me my grandsons future wife's name, I looked her up and found a woman with the same last name and she had a baby girl with the name Sara. She was a baby like he was at the time. Then I asked about my daughter's medical history, he said, my daughter would get cancer on her face.

(present) Well, so far she is fine! What is strange is that my ex-husband got face cancer on his left cheek. They took it out and closed it up with seven stitches. Now, he has another skin cancer which is the most common kind, the doctor said. So, he will have it scraped out 9/22/16. They said they will take it off and look at it under a microscope to see if they got it all. If not they will have to dig deeper! Then told him he will not be able to work for two weeks. (end)

Now... when he told me that it really hit at my core because it was just a few summers before that year she was using a sun visor and burned one side of her face so bad that it became one giant blister on her beautiful face! I flipped out when I saw what she'd done, and I told her, you know that's how you get cancer years later? But "Titor" said she would be cured.

He told me where we would be living in the future, and that was on a base on the Moon in large cylinders with oxygen.

He said something was going to happen in Florida like the crystals in the earth will heat up and blow up, from the earth heating up? And there would be a war by 2015. (maybe in his timeline there was)

But he saw no end of the world, no Jesus coming back, no Aliens would come. There would just be a different world with small communities of like-minded people. He said that a third of the population would be left. He said he would not be back again, he was just on a mission to warn us about what the powerful computer would do, and he had to try to stop it.
I wish I had the email and IM transcripts. Back in 1998, my computer crashed and I lost all of what I had saved and wrote on it.
I had just finished a screenplay about the end of the world based on Revelation. However, after meeting and getting information from him I decided to add to it, and asked him if I could put what he told me into the story? He said yes.
(present 9/2/2016)
He talked about his moon base. I remember some of the details. (man, I was so gullible back then.)
But, it would have been a great book! The screenplay is intact and has been sitting in my drawer now for decades. The furthest it got was it made it into the semi-finals of the screenwriter's network contest twice. They liked it and wanted me to come to a ceremony in California but, my then husband was never supportive about my creative writing. He never even read the screenplay and never read any articles which were published in newspapers back then. He was not supportive of my paintings or, anything good I ever did. I had no money to go and so it was pretty much another devastating obstacle that I still have not been able to overcome. I think I will have to write a book now that two decades have passed since I wrote it and met this fraud John Titor!
You know how I know he is a fraud? I finally woke up! Here it is: UPDATE: 9/2/16
I'm going to tell you something for the first time why it ended abruptly with him. We were instant messaging for months and then he wanted to have sex in instant messaging!!! Ha! That was it! I said no! I'm not comfortable with that! He got mad and stopped writing. So, yup, one of my commenter's questioned that? He said: "It seems to have ended abruptly," and all I said was yes it did. I didn't say why because I was embarrassed. (end)

Will the real John Titor Please Stand Up? 1998

I first heard of the infamous Time Traveler from 2036 now known as John Titor at the paranormal boards on AOL, but it also was linked to other boards so you can cross post but they didn't like that.

Every night I would be reading and posting on the boards. We all interacted if that's what you want to call it because mostly it was people bashing each other, and others were called trolls. I really hated it but still went to the boards like clockwork. We would listen to Art Bell, then people would be disrespecting him, lying on him, I think he even tried to sue someone.

I would buy books from his guest. I even had coffee in Manhattan with the Author of, (had to deleted)

If I recall correctly I saw a featured post on the AOL boards, it had to be 1998. The Time traveler was posting on the conspiracy boards.

APRIL 2009
I was listening to George Norey, and a listener called in and said that there is a guy Hoaxhunter who had proof that the story of John Titor was a Hoax. Then he remembered the site at So I go to the site and I see my name as a possible accomplice to the Hoax.

So I make a video on youtube saying that I am not a hoaxer!
I send it to Hoax hunter. He writes me back, and we determine that I am not a hoaxer. We write back and forth a few times comparing notes. Nothing pans out so I forget about it.

Then one day I was looking for something else in my journal and found the entry about the DNE. Democracy for a New Earth.

It was an important few pages because this was the question I asked on the site to that supposed "John Titor."
I had asked him if he ever heard of the DNE? He said, no. I was crushed. I thought he was lying in front of everyone because he didn't want others to know he knew me. His answer was just no! There was no "hello Jeanette glad to see you here?" He acted like a complete stranger. I was disappointed and hurt! Then I became suspicious.

So I figured the time traveler I knew was the fake one. However, now I'm thinking maybe it was the other way around. That he was the fake one and I knew the real one.

The time traveler I met told me they would make "The DNE" He said this was who he ultimately ended up working for as a scientist on special projects, and a pilot on special missions.

He said The DNE was formed very much like the U.S. government is now. Having Judicial and all sorts of branches. But, the U.S. would be called North America.

The DNE would be broken up into six Mini-Countries by the year 2010. (He was off :)

Countries will be split up this way he said.

(One) North America used as a Business mini-country. So I guess we will all be in one global market NY being the business sector. (I don't know, I'm just saying what this person told me.)

(Two) South America used mostly for commodities like gold, silver, copper. Other parts will be used for food, but little amounts of clothing etc.

(three) Europe

(four) Central -Middle Eastern- Asia

(Fifth mini -country) African.

(Sixth country) The Moon! :)

One language was adopted English.

A few weeks ago I remembered that I asked him if anything will happen in 2012? He laughed and said, nothing is going to happen but, the world will be different.

So, I asked him in what way? He said people would be living in small communities.
Then I asked him if Jesus will ever come back? He said no. I then asked him, If UFO's ever came down to show themselves? He said no. That was it.

Now here's what I didn't want to tell everybody.
In the end, he got mad at me because? Guess why? He wanted to have cyber sex!!! I said, no, I'm not that kinda woman. So, he never talked to me again. Was it all about the sex? I really hope not. Maybe it was a natural form of intimacy that happened over the six months or so that we got to know each other. I didn't have those type of feelings towards him either. I thought he was my friend. That made him human and I guess I held him on a pedestal as being more professional. I don't know but, that's what was missing in the video. An observant commenter said: "It ended kind of abruptly, curious?" lol Yeah, he was right on!

There's a new book out about another John Titor!

Forbidden Knowledge: Revelations of a multi-dimensional time traveler Paperback – March 22, 2016
by Bob Mitchell (Author), Jason Quitt (Author)


UPDATED: 9/2/16